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"God gave you two ends, your success depends on which end you use. Heads, you win, tails you lose."

Dr. Tea Steele

Dr. Tea, a middle child, is now a leader in her family. She has grown to balance many assignments and duties for family members, friends, community organizations, students, and Kingdom-Minded responsibilities. She wears daily the hats of a mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, counselor, mediator, advocate, advisor, cook, and teacher. She comes from a proud family, whose members served each other, our family and our community extremely well. 


She is an engaging, intelligent, and spirit-filled person—adaptable to any social situation. She has the skills and ability to connect with an audience to help them not only listen to what she has to say but to really understand the concepts she is presenting—the principles of life and how to set goals or to make necessary changes to incorporate more complex goals to recognize one’s purpose.

Tea can serve as your speaker or as a cook at your workshop, conference, retreat, or personal meeting. She primarily speaks of life, behaviors, reactions, racism, faith, education, marriage, and at the same time, she can prepare food for the soul! She will gladly tailor her speech and/or training to your event’s theme. She is eager to work to improve communities which will ultimately change the world.

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