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Black Like Me

If you were black like me, you would wonder why I am so proud of my skin color, my ancestors, my heritage, my hair, my lips, my butt, my eyes, my taste buds, my DNA, my dialect, my wisdom, my knowledge, and my God.

On the other hand, I am still confused as to why my Blackness is the only thing you see and causes you to discriminate against me, causes productive communication to simply cease, and overrides my qualifications and my potential. It causes resentment to stop at nothing but to discredit me, causes you to not show me courtesies when others are watching. Causes you to stare, but not really see ME, causing me to succeed anyway, somehow!

My Blackness that I have no control over keeps me patient, allows me to love harder, and show more kindness than I receive. Makes me honor the Golden Rule. Makes me try to dispel negative myths of Blackness when I can! At least I know I am not a curse and was formed from the beginning, not the ending.

By: Tea Steele

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