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I Love Myself Some Me!

I love myself some ME!

I love me for who I Am,

And not for who you want me to be.

I will cherish me with all my heart.

To explain, I don’t know where to start.

My voice makes me smile.

My love for me brings happiness to me.

I am me and not ashamed!

To be me is my true dream.

Because no one else can compare me to you.

When I am sad, my heart gives me delight when I am ME!

To be honest, I can do me better than you and,

I don’t need you trying to do me.

If I ever question my love for me,

There is no denying,

I’ll love me even after the day I die.

Tell others – Oh NO!

They would not understand, but me tells me,

It’s a must to tell me so that I can understand.

Telling me how me makes me glow is for the best,

And I’m glad I met me and not ?..

Poem by Tea Steele

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