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The Makings

Start today by recognizing media lies and stop being gullible. Research the facts you hear on the television. When reading the newspaper or online news sources, or when you hear cynical tales from politicians, challenge the facts and express your opinions in the newspaper or social media. Express opinions that will convert our communities’ directions in a constructive way, not in an adverse way. We have been lied to about origins, customs, history, and identities by bureaucrats for centuries. These vast number of untruths makes the truth quite difficult to establish because we have believed the lies forever. We must overcome mentally processing the “breaking news” as the absolute true account and remember that there are always two, three, four or more sides to every story. Most people would agree that we need gun control, but how do we limit control to stop massive emotional shootings? We have too many homeless citizens in our communities standing on street corners for help. Are these folks career bums, lazy, addicted to drugs and alcohol, mentally unstable, unaware of social services, or have abused the social services? We need to instruct our prejudiced teachers on how to remove biased attitude and myths from teaching children in the classroom. Those biases and myths in the classroom create additional social problems when directed towards certain groups. Make your vote count. Vote sensibly and exclude hate-based propaganda. We need to force ourselves to research information rather than depend on the biased media to educate us. The media broadcast news that draws a large viewing audience.

We should do more contemplating on how people are digressing from demonstrating respect to endorsing corruption. Continuous exposure to hostilities and disrespect do nothing for our mind, body, soul, or spirit but only cause additional social problems. We need to evaluate how the effects of this hostile information is causing stress and damaging future generations of individuals. We must begin now to evaluate ways to control the corruption or we might not ever be able to recover from this ‘disfigured’ view. If a holistic life style is adopted, we might relax and work on changing the negatives into positives, thereby changing our world for the better. We need to learn more about how to create solutions and navigate resolutions to make changes.

By: Tea Steele

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